Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Classic & Sophisticated: Everyone Needs a LBD (little black dress)

Owning the right little black dress this season saves both time and money. Choose from this year’s updated classics at Jigsaw, and you’ll always have the best look for the office, cocktail and holiday parties, or an evening on the town. Today’s little black dress features exquisite fabrications—from ponte knit, lace, jersey, wool and silk--and all design details you must have.
Whether this is a first LBD or an addition to a robust collection, you'll reach for this dress again and again. The little black dress is truly one of the staples of a woman's wardrobe: the LBD is investment dressing that pays dividends in compliments and sheer wear ability!

According to author Valerie Steele in "Little Black Dress," (2007) wearing black is the historic hallmark of royalty and the elite. Designers continue to feature black dresses because "they're the most becoming dress that can be worn on any occasion." The black dress telegraphs its wearer's worldly allure and elegance. Depending on how and when a woman wears a LBD remarks upon her seemingly artless perfection.

Designers like Chanel, bold and rebellious in her time, used bands of black lace to decorate dresses and separates. Biographer Karen Karbo ("The Gospel According to Coco Chanel" 2011) says that the Chanel LBD always stole the show--even when it was designed by an upcoming designer, Hubert de Givenchy.

Oscar Wilde quipped "One should either be a work or art, or wear a work of art." The LBD married with black lace yields a perfect LBD for today's Jigsaw client. Rather than focusing attention on an overly dramatic statement dress, today's black lace dresses focus all attention upon the wearer. 

The deft use of ultra-fine black lace meshed with exquisite design and fabrications creates the unforgettable LBD. Designers like Isabel Toledo brought examples of this genre of black lace dressesto the attention of no-nonsense chic women like Michelle Obama.
Black lace and sequins on gossamer silks resonate with period fashions, like the dance-crazed roaring 1920s. Our near-black indigo flapper dress provides a stunning example!

Today's long black dress offers its owner the potential of many different looks. Paired with a cropped jacket or shrug sweater, chunky costume jewelry and flats, your dress assumes a demure and almost casual appearance for Sunday brunch or a relaxed dinner engagement. Conversely, the addition of fine jewelry, elegant shoes and accessories makes the same frock white-tie worthy. 

In fact, the long black dress lends a chameleon-like quality to the wardrobe of any fashionista. Consider the addition of a perfect narrow belt, shawl or dress clips to the neckline of your already perfectly fitted long dress. A trendy fitted or swing jacket reinvents the long black dress you buy this holiday season at New Year, Valentine's Day, and well beyond.

Diane von Furstenberg introduced us to the office-appropriate wrap in the 1970s, and we still love the look. Today's updated wrap dress flatters almost every shape as it goes from the work day to play. Transition from 9-to-5 matters in an easy-to-wear updated jersey wrap dress to an evening out without a second thought. Add bold accessories--by design and color--to a lady-like crepe black wrap dress for a dramatic entrance any time of day or night.
Like other LBDs, your black wrap dress shifts from highly credible professional (when worn with a suit jacket to urban trendsetter (when worn with a luscious belted cardigan). Add a pair of casually elegant riding boots or dressed-up Mary Jasen to suit the occasion.

Taking a holiday needn't involve multiple suitcases. You'll love the easy-care, instantly packable LBD. Wear the black wrap dress on the plane, car, or train, and arrive freshly fashionable at your destination. Tuck accessories and separates in a carry-on, and you're always fantastic.

Jigsaw London scours the marketplace to bring you the best LBDs and accessories of the season. There's absolutely no limit to the number of ways you can wear a perfect dress. With free shipping of any order of $200 or more, seize the excitement of the season--along with dresses and accessories you'll love--right now!