Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Elegance along the Jersey Coastline

As I depart for the powdery beaches of Southern New Jersey, I am sure that this year’s journey to Cape May will hold its own unique experiences and memories, apart from every other yearly trip “down the shore.” Every visit to this carefree, nostalgic oceanfront always seems so familiar, yet somehow pulses with its own electricity. This year, my style has evolved into a sort of effortless elegance, one which parallels the soft, romantic flair of the season. I find myself sporting casual, yet chic, dresses that simply emit the sensations of summer. 

Floral prints are high on my list of favorites at the moment, as I find it difficult to resist the charm and romance of this look. The boutiques of Cape May, NJ, occasionally seem to have a hidden treasure or two in stock, but I most often 
shop online womens dresses to acquire the fashionable items that seem better aligned to my taste. Jigsaw’s Ombre Rose Print Dress is a quintessential example; its design is graceful, classic, and effortless. As I am drawn to the antique, Victorian backdrop of the Cape May landscapes, so I find these floral prints to complement the scenery perfectly. I slip on my favorite pair of summer sandals, and I somehow feel more connected to the shores of this historical landmark. 

Belted summer dresses are also amongst the most elegant choices on my list of must-haves. What could be more intoxicating than a romantic summer dinner at dusk? Certainly, any attire that mirrors the tone of such an evening would be a bonus. Belted looks, such as Jigsaw’s Lace Trim Dress, help take an already magnificent evening to the next level. Within minutes, I am dressed to enjoy a glorious Cape May dinner clad in a simple, yet timeless, belted lace garment. The classic appeal to this type of clothing helps enhance the vintage aspect of any experience – while still maintaining a fresh, updated style. If the town is enjoying an evening ocean breeze, I simply layer my lace dress with a posh cardigan. Now I am ready for a refined evening of wine tastings and gourmet dishes!

What says “summer” better than a dress that would allow me to feel exquisite and serene all at the same time? I can shop online womens dresses at to find the perfect Relaxed Rolled Sleeve Dress. As I sip a cocktail by the pool, I can relax while still enjoying a sophisticated look and feel. Perhaps I’d like to take a stroll by the glistening shores of Cape May. My dress allows me the comfort and flexibility of such adventures, while cloaking me in understated elegance. It’s a win-win combination!

Thanks to my summer attire and fabulous dresses, I won’t have to leave everything behind when I depart for North Jersey at the end of my trip. I can take pieces of the elegance home with me, and I can continue to enjoy classic charm through my amazing summer wardrobe. Where will your fashion take you? 


  1. Nice post and beautiful dresses for Summer

    Ejaz Khan

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